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MDT ESS Tikka Chassis System

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MDT's Elite Sniper System (ESS) Chassis System is a modular weapons system that is easily adaptable to various disciplines and positional shooting stands. MDT ESS chassis system is a combination of superior ergonomics and specialized design. The ESS Chassis System was design from ground up to suit Precision Rifle Series (PRS) disciplines with practical shooting applications in mind. MDT ESS chassis is milled from a single billet of aluminum, and is H-series Cerakote coated for a beautiful and durable matte finish. The ESS Cheek-piece, fore-grip, and butt-pad is constructed of textured composites.

Chassis – The ESS retains MDT's proven V-block bedding system to form a solid and reliable base for the rifle action. The magazine well has been refined for easy insertion of the magazine, while reducing rattle and movement. The tab style magazine release has been replaced with a semi-flush ambidextrous paddle that can easily be activated by a support or fire hand.

The MDT ESS chassis for Tikka T3/T3x supports Short Action AICS style magazine in .223, 6.5C .308 caliber and Long Action MDT 3.560 magazine .300WM, 6.5x55, 7mm, 30.06.

The recoil lug mortise has been designed to accommodate most aftermarket recoil lugs and the trigger area will accommodate most aftermarket triggers.

A serrated barricade stop has been added to the front of the magazine well and a polymer forend grip at the balance point adds comfort. The wide fore-grip area combined with the octagonal profiled forend tube offers flexible options when shooting over bags or improvised rests.

Thumb shelves have been added to both side of the chassis for shooters who prefer an open grip.

The most significant change is the incorporation of the ESS specific butt-stock interface, rather than the traditional AR pattern interface. This allows one to place the pistol grip in optimum relation to the trigger, while still allowing the shooter to choose from the wide variety of AR pattern pistol grips which suit their preference.

Butt-Stock - The MDT ESS chassis comes with it's own butt-stock, similar to MDT's Skeleton Rifle Stock. It is fully adjustable including lateral adjustment for the butt-pad and the cheek rest. Cheek rest height and butt-pad length-of-pull are adjustable by thumb wheels.

Forend - CORETAC SOLUTIONS offer forends in 2 different lengths; 15" and 18", which can be ordered with a full rail, or no rail with cut-outs option to allow low scope mounting.

Each forend comes with M-Lok slots and QD flush cup mounts.

Action specific scope mounting rails which co-index with the forend rail are available as an accessory and NOT included with the chassis. 

MDT ESS Forend Options

Mounting And Compatible Accessories:

The MDT ESS chassis is designed with it's own butt-stock for perfect ergonomics and is designed to use AR15 style pistol grips (purchased separately), and allows for customization with a wide variety of accessories.

Advantages of MDT ESS for Tikka:

  • Increased accuracy by up to 28%
  • Strong and durable construction
  • Modular design adaptable to various positions and shooting styles
  • Reliable AICS compatible magazine system
  • Increased magazine capacity


Product Features:
  • Ambidextrous, easy reach magazine latch – can be operated with trigger finger or left hand.
  • Extra large magazine well for easy mag insertion/removal.
  • Barricade stop in front of magazine to prevent putting pressure on the magazine.
  • Angled front profile with hand grip for minute vertical adjustments and comfort/protection from the elements.
  • Thumb rests on both sides of the chassis.
  • Wide front profile for extra comfort / stability when resting on flat surfaces.
  • Stock height at comb and heel – 0.5” below bore centerline. 1.0” of riser adjustability.
  • Allows for barrel contours up to 1.300” straight taper.
  • Accepts AICS pattern magazines for both short and long action. (3.560” long action).
  • Accepts aftermarket lugs up to 0.375 thick and tapered.
  • Compatible with all non-beavertail AR pattern pistol grips. Beavertail grips will fit with minor trimming.
  • CNC machined from Aircraft grade Aluminum, and finished with H-series Cerakote.
  • Cheek-piece, fore-grip, and butt-pad constructed of composites.
  • Weight: 2,050g (Depending on rifle model and added weights)
  • Length of Pull: 13.4" - 14.4" (Based on Remington 700).
  • Made in Canada by MDT CORP.

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