We appreciate your support, feedback and kind words over the years. It motivates us to do better and improve in the future.

Let us know about your rig and how we've been able to contribute to the success of your projects.


I have purchased a muzzle brake in the years your company had just started, it has served my rifle well, still does. But I have purchased last year a new rifle with an oem muzzle brake (sako S20)
I was not happy with the performance of the oem muzzle brake, as the rifle still kicked like a mule…I came across your website while looking for something else, and I remembered how good your muzzle brake was, though a bit bulky at the time. I saw the upgraded version you had in stock for my new rifle and I decided to give it a try… hoping for a big difference in performance, I was nervous because for my older rifle I went straight from no muzzle to a core tac, so I didn’t know what to excpect

Once my new Muzzle brake was received and installed, I went to the range for a try , let me tell you it has not disappointed. No more bruises on my shoulder!

I have come to conclude that for any new rifles I purchase, it needs a core tac muzzle brake. The improved version also looks very cool! ?

Thank you for your product, I really like it (again)


Wow guys I just want to say thank you for the muzzle brake.

It was a clamp on for my Tikka T3x .308, And today I finally got to shoot it at the range. Wow there's no muzzle jump at all and felt recoil is down must be 70 percent I'd guess.

Amazing. Thank you so much.


Good day to all...just wanted to let you know that my package arrived today in great time & shape.The brake looks extremely well made & worthy of any rifle. I find that people are very fast to complain, & very slow to praise. Not in my case.

Thanks for the awesome product & service! Keep up the good work. Looking forward to working with you in the near future.

Pat.D...proud Canadian doing business with proud Canadians, every chance I get.

Coretac has been an excellent source of high quality products for years now, and I use their equipment every day at the range. I have purchased shooting bags, a very stable and rugged tripod and saddle combination, bipods, and now an IBI barrel for my Christensen Arms 6.5. I was very pleased that they are accessible by phone to clarify purchases and recently I was impressed to know that Coretac technical service is on top of the most recent research concerning the effects of baffle number and positioning to optimize the use of a muzzle brake for long range accuracy. They also are a great source of MDT products, another Canadian company that deserves an international reputation.

Thank you Coretac for taking the time to provide world class products and service.
  • Christensen Arms Mesa LR 6.5mm Creedmoor, Medium Palm 26”, in MDT ESS Chassis soon to have an IBI Heavy Barrel with Coretac Muzzle Brake
  • Christensen Arms MPR 6.5mm Creedmoor, Carbon barrel and chassis with Coretac Muzzle Brake
  • Bergara HMR-14 6mm Creedmoor, 26” medium heavy barrel with Coretac Muzzle Brake
  • Harris Bipod (from Coretac)
  • Atlas Bipod (x2) (from Coretac)
  • Coretac Shooting bags x3
  • Coretac Tactical PIG Field Tripod and HOG Saddle


Put a Coretac V3 Muzzle Brake on my Tikka CTR .308. Significant drop in recoil and muzzle rise, helped me hit tighter sub MOA groups at 100 yards. First time purchasing a muzzle brake, and couldn’t be happier with the product. I will definitely be back for any future rifle builds.

Premium product built specific to the rifle, and its Canadian made. You cant ask for more to be honest. Well worth the money many times over and the definitely the best investment I made on my current rifle build by far.


Good evening,

I would like to take opportunity to thank you very much for quickly shipping my order.
I was under the impression it would be shipped on Thursday and I was thinking it would be in by next week. So once again, thank you.

A very pleasant surprise and must say, kinda made my week after a tough weekend of being a front line worker figthing COVID-19 with no end in sight. The Matrisx10 will be the constructive distraction that I need to recharge as I'm not able to visit the range which is our stress relief in our household. I look forward to doing business in the future and please feel free to use this email as a 5 star rating.

Cheers, and stay safe.


Hi,CORETAC SOLUTIONS Muzzle Brake Performance by Pete

5 shots including the CCB at 100m. Federal gold medal match 168 gr.

She has a sharper ring to her now, sits on target wonderfully and looks cool as heck! Video taken by spotter shows almost no recoil.


Thanks again,

If you own a 30-06 you know how they kick...up and back.
After installing a Coretac muzzle break it's down by 80%. such a pleasure to shoot now, great product Exceptional quality and customer service.

If you're on the fence get off and get one.


Thanks for your support of the 2019 NSCC. I was very happy to receive the generous prize package.

The Tab Gear shooting mat and the Bean Box will definitely be part of my load-out next season.

Best regards


Awesome. Thanks you very much for sending the SPUHR replacement screws for free. You've made me a customer for life.

Very best regards


thank you I cant get enough of the CoreBrake for my savage 110 and had to get the Stubby for the AR.
excellent fit and quality.


Thanks for sending me a new set of replacement screws! Really appreciate it.
Thanks so much for your support and for providing good customer service...You have a great product and I will definitely recommend you to my shooting buddies and spread the good words.

Best Regards

I bought a bolt on muzzle brake, titanium recoil lug and pillar bedding kit from you and they are all installed by me and I have put a lot of rounds through it.
It is a joy to shoot I am very happy with your products and service thank you.


I received my new muzzle brake yesterday. I did want to compliment on the speedy response to my order. Additionally I wanted to comment on the extremely high quality of the muzzle brake itself. Further product orders will follow.

Hello Coretec,CORETAC SOLUTIONS Muzzle Brake Performance by Chris

Today I took my rifle out for the first time, doing some handloading. The best group I did was essentially a single hole, .064" 3 shot group! The best I had done with this rifle without the brake was .375", so this brake has improved my accuracy no doubt.

Recoil is about 75% less easily! What a wonderful product and thanks again for making something that truly works.



I just received my order from you and as usual everything was shipped quickly and is of great quality. In the past I have used a Bradley cheek rest, I had never heard of the brand you're selling called, Tac Pro. I decided to take a chance and order it, because well, nothing I've purchased from you is junk and this is no exception. I much prefer the Tac Pro to my Bradley cheek rest and this will be my go to rest from now on.

If you want good service and quality merchandise; don't take a chance, it's not worth it; choose Coretac Solutions!



Received my R93 308 CoreBrake™ Clamp-on muzzle brake today. This brake is a work of art! Just took it to the range today and it reduced recoil and muzzle rise to that of a ,223, maybe less. Fits perfectly and torques down with a 1/2 turn of the bolts. Here in the States we have limited choices for quality clamp on brakes (and brakes in odd metric threads) and the only US product I evaluated was nothing close to the level of the Coretac.

Excellent product, it's as good as my XMB for my Blaser Tactical 2 in 338 Lapua. Thanks much for the fast turn around, this gives me a few days extra of shooting time before I go back to work.

Merry X-Mas and happy new year!

Good afternoon,

Just wanted to let you fine folks know my order arrived today...very fast shipping,nice looking product. I've ordered before I'll order again and I'll keep recommending your website to my fellow shooters!

Thank you!

Thank you, it's great to have a decent Canadian source for aftermarket Tikka parts and other precision rifle gear. I look forward to dealing with you again in the future.


I recently purchased you XMB muzzle brake for my savage 10 light weight stealth 308 , and well, just wanna say how much I love your muzzle brake on this gun, does everything you claimed it would, will recommend your product to everyone I know. Again thank you for the quality product your company puts out.
Very happy customer

Hi guys,

XMB brake arrived in Oz yesterday( faster than a package from within Australia), range today 19mm group at 200m on first shots. Beautifully engineered, excellent customer service. SLOW mo showed just how effective your brake is on SAKO TRG 22 in 260R. Fantastic piece of kit. Hope your company does well.

Good Day,

Order received today, no back-orders, very fast delivery, web site up to date, no frame ups, no stories, care given in quality packaging, good prices, quality products! Not used to this level of service in this market..... Can't ask for more...
Thank you very much...

Best Regards,

I just wanted to let you know how shocked I was that my rear bag showed up today. I ordered it Saturday night and it is already here. Keep up the good work...

Thanks Ken.K
Hello all just a quick note and thanks.

I have tried a few different muzzle brakes in the past with moderate success, the XMB muzzle brake has far succeeded my expectations.
I just finished braking in my 223 using 69 grain nosler ammo with sub 3/4 inch @200 meters after installing The XMB brake and thinking their would be little to no difference to my surprise the accuracy improved consistently to 1/2inch @200m 3 shot groups and expecting further results with hand loads. Fantastic product.!!!!. with little to no rise or dusting super easy install and most definitely raised a few eye brows at the range, please keep up the good work you have my support.

My next project is the Rugar precision .308 and I will definitely be ordering the XMB brake cant wait!! looking forward to try some of your other products.

Thanks again,

I mounted my new XMB muzzle brake on my 308 Tikka T3 sporter. The recoil has been reduced to prevent muzzle jump keeping the rifle on target for follow up shots. The brake fit perfectly and the rifle shoots less than MOA. Thank you for building a quality product for a reasonable price.


Just wanted to let you know the Order in question in the e-mail below did show up at my house yesterday afternoon. I also want to say thank you for the quick response to my inquiry yesterday pertaining to this issue. Responsive customer service is something that seems to be the exception these days.

Thank you very much,

I received the replacement bolt shroud today and it is in excellent condition. Thank you for standing behind your products and offering a quick resolution. I will be a repeat customer in the future.


I received my package this evening around 5:00 pm Calif time. I would like to thank you and your company for concern and great service. I will recommend you to all my friends .


I received my CoreBrake XMB Muzzle Brake yesterday and just wanted to say thank you. A beautifully made product that's been packaged well and has good documentation.
Nice to see a certificate of authenticity too. I always try and buy Canadian.


I shot my Tikka T3 the other day with the Core break XMB muzzle brake and it was perfect on recoil issue and my shot pattern was exact zero at 100 and 200 yds shooting Hornady A-Max 155 gr match.
Thanks for your product . Please keep me on your email list like to keep up with your products .

Hi there, just saw that my package was already out for delivery, just want to say that I'm impressed with the way you handled the transaction.
Will buy again and i'll share the good experience with you! Kudos guys!

Yannick P.L
An happy customer.

Hey there folks, I'd just like to let you know that the muzzle brake you built for my Savage 10 has totally improved my shooting. Thanks for a good product; I got one for the Tikka T3 but haven't yet exceeded a mile yet.


Yes, I finally got it ! The problem was our local mail carrier misdirected it to a forwarding facility. Once I found that out, I worked with the locals here to finally get it back.

I really appreciate your efforts on that end to track the package. You did everything right, the problem was on this end.

Thanks for superior service, I will order from you again !


Just wanted to say thank you, received the Lumley DBMS yesterday and installed today. Fit like a charm on my REM 700 R5 Tactical.

Pleasure to do business with you.

Have a nice day.
Hello ,

First of all I love doing business with you guys and thank you for your speedy service. Secondly I like to keeping the business within Canada in I can and that why I tell everyone in which ever range I go about CORETAC, truly a great company to deal with.

Many thanks and keep up the good work.
Hi again,

I received the Spuhr mount and the muzzle brake for my SIG/Blaser Tac 2 .308 very shortly after you shipped it, and have now had time to do plenty of testing/shooting with them both (on different rifles). The results are absolutely superb. It has been a pleasure to do business with CoreTac and I will be doing business with you again at every opportunity. I will also be recommending you to my friends and colleagues with the greatest confidence.


I received the mb, looks great, fits great and works awesome. Thanks for doing those odd ball threads. Its was a breeze doing business with you guys.

Good afternoon,

I am writing to let you know that I received my muzzle brake, and I wish to thank you for your good service.

Kind regards,

The replacement screws arrived and fit perfectly. I just wanted to write to express my sincere gratitude and to thank you for your impeccable customer service. I'm looking forward to doing business with you again in the future and this experience has guaranteed my next rifle will be wearing a Spuhr mount.

All the best,

Thanks for the info.
Anyways just enjoying my bean bags and KG cleaners and about to install an M14 cheekpiece I recently got from you guys. Thanks for the great service, you’ll be hearing from me again.

Hi there,

I just bought and last weekend installed one of your muzzle brakes for my TRG 42 in 300 win mag. I was previously using the factory brake from SAKO. I am extremely happy to report that your brake is far superior. The reduction in recoil was immediately noticeable. With my load which I have used out to 1 mile the gun with the factory brake would literally hop on the bipod and I would lose my sight picture. Your brake eliminated that entirely and now my sight picture remains aligned for the follow up shot, major reduction in felt recoil. Thanks very much.


played with the scope and everything looks good. Thank you for the great service.
Looking forward to do business with you again in near future.

Thank you.
I also work for a company in Quebec representing in the US and as American I am very proud to work for a Canadian company with an extraordinary customer services like yours.
Happy Canada Day

All the best,

I purchased a muzzle brake last year and it works great on my Tikka t3 Sporter in .260Rem. I am getting .125 - .250 groups with it installed at 100 m zero. I have directed a few buddies to your web site after they saw and remarked on my results.


Received my order today! Wow, that's amazingly fast. You guys are the best!!! Thanks

I just wanted to send off a email telling you how impressed I am with the brake I received today. It fit perfectly, looks perfect, packaging and certificate were awesome. I am very pleased and am excited to receive my other order of items.


I receive my order today, very good service, delivery on time etc.…

Will make business again for sure.

Best regards

Thanks for a quick and easy deal. The scope arrived and is wonderful.

I will be contacting you for future needs.

Thanks, Jack
The components have arrived and put through their paces. Fantastic products and equally fantastic service. I hope the recommendations I pass onto others will reflect in many orders coming your way.

Thanks very much I really appreciate the way you do business.

I got everything perfectly. Thanks again for your business and expertise.


Muzzle brake received and I must say, that is one fine looking piece. Amazing millwork! Thank you for your communication and quick correction due to my wrong ordering.

Thanks again,
Thank you very much;
your service is outstanding.

I have the package.

Impressive service and superb quality. I am very satisfied with your company.

I can appreciate high quality equipment when I see one and what I got is beyond what I was dreaming.

Again a very satisfied customer

Claude M. P
Thanks so much for fulfilling my request, and the very quick service.
Thanks for a great product and an even better service.
Thanks You!
That was probably the fastest response/ order I have ever done! Your site is definitely bookmarked now!
Thanks Again!
Cpl D.B
I ordered my Coretac Solutions CoreBrake™ Muzzle Brake for Remington 700 SPS Tactical Series it came on time fast and easy, I was surprised how good it looked in the box. So I had to rush home and mount it, and of course it looked even better when I got it on, tight fit, clean look. went to the range and it fired great no change to my M.O.A grouping from 100, 200, Etc. and the best part is, its made here in Canada !

just wanted to say thanks for delivering such a great product
This is already at my place, i heard the postman knock but wasn't fast enough this morning!
This is outstanding service, thank you very much.
Thanks. Pretty tough to beat customer service like that!
Have a happy new year.
Thank you for making the changes. I'm glad I could find a good Canadian company to buy parts from.
Items have already arrived. Again, excellent shipping speed and service from your company.
Just received my new drag bag. Great case, excellent quality of workmanship and materials. Love the extra storage and shoulder straps. My Rem Sendero in 338 RUM fits with room to spare.

Thanks for great service also.
C.B Valcourt QC
I'd thought I'd let you know everything worked out great. The brake fit like a glove and performed flawlessly (and looks great on my rifle) even through some extended range sessions last weekend. I think my groups improved too.

Thanks again for the great products and a terrific buying experience!

Order arrived today, looks great.
Thanks for the prompt service.


Your customer service is second to none.
I appreciate your efforts.


I am sure to be a repeat customer. Your website and products available is great !!!

I have received the backpack today, in time for a camping trip on the weekend to the Extremadura region of Spain. I'm very impressed as this was less than one week from payment to delivery across the Atlantic. When ordering from Spain or Germany I usually have to wait between two and four weeks. So I'm a very satisfied customer and after this positive experience I'm sure I will order from Coretac again in the future.

Best regards,
Holger D.
just wanted to tell you i received my gunsligner 2 today. awesome service from you guys, you are the fastest store i've seen so far. ordered on thursday, already shipped on friday. that is amazing. the gunsligner2 is a great bag, very well made with tough materials. i will recommend you, thats for sure.

Best regards,
Benoit M.
Thanks for that!

The order was confirmed and shipped right away. Very fast service and the product was good quality and excellent value.


The package arrived today . THANK YOU for the prompt service .

Kevin L.

Thank you, I look forward to reading these books and thanks for the excellent service!

Hey, just wanted to drop you a note and say thanks for the gear! Shipping was REALLY fast and the product is exactly what I wanted.

Thanks again!
Steve A.
Thanks for "going the extra mile" for me or in this case the extra 3500 miles.