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    Hog Saddle Top View Hog Saddle Bottom View Hog Saddle Detail Description Hog Saddle in Use

    Shadow Tech

    HOG Saddle® MOD 7

    The MOD7 HOG Saddle is a rugged, lightweight, mobile shooting platform that has been designed from the ground up to universally attach to tripod-based modular equipment, providing the operator with a stable shooting position adaptable to diverse...

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    PIG Saddle Top View PIG Saddle Bottom View HOG and PIG Saddle Comparison PIG Saddle in Use PIG Saddle, GNN XB52DL Ball Head and Tripod in Operation on Roof Top

    Shadow Tech

    PIG Saddle®

    PIG Saddle effortlessly maintains your rifle’s sights across a field or hillside waiting for the game. Maximize your ability to make an accurate shot for a responsible one-shot kill. The PIG Saddle is a rigid, steady support with unequalled...

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    Now: $215.00
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    Mantis X10 Elite Mantis X10 Elite Shooting Performance System Mantis X10 Elite Unit


    Mantis X10 Elite

    The Mantis X10 Elite is the next revolution of the breakthrough MantisX system. Mantis X10 Elite uses a data-driven approach to marksmanship training and performance management. While attached to a pistol, rifle or shotgun, it collects thousands of data...

    Was: $340.00
    Now: $299.00
3 of 3 Items