CoreBrake™ Savage 110 Series Muzzle Brake

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CoreBrake™ is a screw-on muzzle brake designed to reduce felt recoil, eliminate muzzle rise and minimize flash and dust signatures. The muzzle brakes are designed to fit the new Savage Arms 110 Series factory threaded barrels without any modification. They are manufactured with very precise tolerances to be screwed-on and then fastened.

Our four chamber muzzle brakes deliver substantial improvements over the factory and other after market models. In addition to reducing the felt recoil by 60%, the primary advantage of our muzzle brake is the reduction in muzzle rise. Design efficiencies have allowed for a faster target acquisition where muzzle rise is virtually eliminated.

The CoreBrake™ is designed to raise less dust or create shock waves off the ground compared to factory or after market muzzle brakes. Field tests have also shown that the overall vertical dispersion is reduced over the factory and after market muzzle brakes using the same load. In addition, the flash at the muzzle is significantly reduced over the factory models.

Installation DocMust Read Safety and Installation Tips ...

Advantages of CoreBrake™ for Savage Arms 110 Series:

  • Eliminates muzzle rise and rifle torque
  • Improves recoil reduction compared to factory and aftermarket models
  • Reduces vertical dispersion over factory models
  • Reduces flash and dust signature compared to factory and other aftermarket models
  • Maintains rifle's accuracy
Product Features:
  • Available in 6.0C, 6.5C, 6.5PRC, .270W, 7mm PRC, 7mm REM MAG, .308W, .300WM, .300WSM, 30-06, .338L and .450 Bushmaster for the following Savage Arms 110 Series rifles:
    • Savage Arms 110 Elite Precision Series
    • Savage Arms 110 Precision Series
    • Savage Arms 110 BA Stealth Series
    • Savage Arms 110 Stealth Evolution Series
    • Savage Arms 110 FCP HS Precision Series
    • Savage Arms 110 Timberline Series
    • Savage Arms 110 Ultralite Series
    • Savage Arms 110 KLYM Series
    • Savage Arms 110 Long Range Hunter Series
  • Double bolt clamping system
  • Four Chamber Muzzle Brake
  • High quality 416 Stainless Steel
  • Oxidized and Mil-Spec Cerakote Coated
  • Approximate weight is 0.50 Pound
  • Approximate measurement 2.70” Length x 1.4"-1.5" Diameter
  • Fits original factory threading of 5/8x24
  • Made in Canada by CORETAC SOLUTIONS INC. Made in Canada


Examples of Savage 110 Series Rifle:

Savage 110 Elite Precision Rifle

Savage 110 Precision Rifle

Savage 110 BA Stealth Rifle

Savage 110 Stealth Evolution Rifle

Savage 110 FCP HS Precision Rifle

Savage 110 Ultralite Rifle

Savage 110 KLYM Rifle

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