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Lumley Arms All Black Savage Fluted Bolt Handle Kit

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This Tactical Fluted Bolt Handle Kit upgrade for Savage Arms Centerfire Rifles (Models 10/110, 11/111, 12/112, 16/116 and Stevens 200) is super-strong and ultra-light. The bolt handle is a fully CNC machined 1-piece Grade 5 Titanium Alloy with 8-point ballnose flutes.
Lumley Arms Savage Titanium Bolt Handle Comparison
CORETAC SOLUTIONS offers the kit together with various superior quality tactical knobs. These knobs are made from the highest quality material including Titanium, and Aircraft Aluminum.

No other rifle benefits more in weight-savings when replacing the original factory handle. The original oversized cast steel Savage factory handles are excessively heavy. Lumley Arms Titanium bolt handle weighs in at 26g. For example, the Titanium Fluted Handle and Intermediate Titanium Knob together weighs 44g which is over 60% lighter than just the factory handle at 120g (4.2oz). Lumley Arms does this without making any compromises on strength, finish or quality!

They start with the best quality grade 5 Titanium Alloy (Ti6Al4V) and then CNC machine the unit to tight tolerances to fit the factory Savage bolt. There are no castings, forgings or rough finishes. Lumley Arms uses DLC coating (Diamond-like carbon) for all black version of the handle kit, visually inspects them and then test fits each to a factory bolt before packing.

You will not get a stronger, lighter and tougher bolt handle kit anywhere! Whether you are building the ultimate hunting rifle, need to shave a precious few grams of your competition rifle, or like us, simply want to use the best gear available; this is the ultimate Savage bolt handle replacement.

Tech Note:

This handle is not designed to fit the Savage AXIS models.

Advantages of Savage Tactical Fluted Bolt Handle Kit:

  • Lightweight
  • Better grip
  • Extreme Precision and smooth bolt manipulation
  • Faster bolt manipulation
  • Durability and super strength
  • Quality material and construction

Installation Tips:

The Savage bolt handle is secured to the rear of the bolt body by a large hex-head screw (in most cases). The handle can be removed from the bolt body by using a 1/4" Allen Key and turning this screw counter-clockwise. Once the original handle has been removed, the bolt handle kit will slot into place, with the handle either facing left (for LH bolt handles) or facing right (for RH bolt handles). If your bolt body dimensions are larger than usual, some trimming of the collar with a small needle file or stone will be required (detailed below). Apply a small amount of quality bolt grease to any surface modified before reassembly. Please don't over tighten the large bolt screw when reassembling and avoid cross-threading.

Note: Minor filing of steel collar may be required to fit to factory bolt body!

Lumley Savage Bolt Handle CollarThe upgrade bolt handle kit is machined to TIGHT tolerances for the perfect 'no-wiggle' fit. In most cases the upgrade bolt handle kit will firmly press on (or tap on with a nylon-tipped hammer) to your factory-original bolt body. Just to be sure, Lumley Arms tests every unit on two factory bolt bodies before packing. In some cases; however, minor adjustment of the steel collar with a file or stone will be needed where the collar contacts the top and bottom of both tabs at the end of the bolt body. This is due to wider variations in factory tolerances between individual Savage rifles. Some aftermarket bolt bodies are manufactured with larger-than-original dimensions on these two tabs which will require modification.

To determine whether your bolt will fit Lumley handle without modification, measure the two tabs at the end of your bolt body marked by the arrows in the side image using vernier calipers. Anything equal to or below 0.244" (or 6.22mm) will fit. If it is over, the handle needs to be slightly enlarged (hand filing) to fit.

Product Features:
  • Handle and Bolt Collar:
    • Material: CNC machined 1-piece Grade 5 Titanium Alloy with 8-point ballnose flutes
    • Weight: 26.2g
    • Finish: Black DLC coated (Diamond-like carbon)
  • Knobs:
    • Please see detailed specifications for your selection of Various Knobs
  • Compatibility: Savage Arms Centerfire Rifles such as 10/110, 11/111, 12/112, 16/116 and Stevens 200. This Kit will not fit Savage Arms AXIS
  • Made in Australia by Lumley Arms INC. Made in Australia

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