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Lumley Arms Savage Titanium Bolt Body

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This is a high quality, strong and light weight bolt body for all Savage centerfire short action models based on the 10, 11, 12, 14, and 16 (does not fit the Axis) variants.

Designed for the shooter in pursuit of building the lightest rifle absolutely possible. If you are a Lightweight Storm, Ultralite, Ultralite Elite, or Klym owner - Lumley completely CNC machined grade 5 titanium bolt body will shave off even more weight. 

The weight difference between Lumley titanium bolt bodies and the factory steel unit has to be handled to be appreciated. When combined with Lumley titanium bolt handles and titanium BAS (POST 2019 models) or titanium Bolt Lift Kit (PRE 2019 models), substantial weight savings can be achieved. If unsure on compatibility with your particular model, please measure the length of your OEM bolt body and compare the dimensions to those in the last image of the gallery. Lumley includes several replacement front baffle washers ('wave washers') which provide necessary tension between the bolt body and the front baffle. Only one washer is required, the extras included are spares. Don't forget to apply bolt grease to the rear faces of the lugs during reassembly.

Tech Note:

Installation and fitting is required and recommended to be done by a qualified and professional Gunsmith. 

With so many models and sub models of different vintages, we have found that the dimensions between individual Savage rifles can vary. Lumley bolt bodies is available in the below diameter:

  • 0.695" (17.65mm) - this is ideal for most receivers within factory specifications

Lumley highly recommends measuring the ID of your receiver using a bore gauge. Alternatively a pin gauge can be used, and (as of February 2024) MSC has these available for $24.20, including both 0.700" and 0.695". You will need at least 0.001" clearance between the bolt body and the receiver ID (i.e. your bolt body needs to be a minimum of 0.002" smaller in diameter than your receiver ID). If in doubt, selecting the 0.695" bolt body is a safe option. 

Advantages of Lumley Arms Savage Titanium Bolt Body:

  • Strong and light weight
  • High quality material and construction
Product Features:
  • Includes: Lumley Arms Savage Titanium Bolt Body
  • Compatibility: Fits all short-action variants of the model 10, 11, 12, 14, and 16 (does not fit the Axis)
  • Material:
    • Main Body: Grade 5 Titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V)
    • Baffle Washer and Front: Manufactured from 301 stainless steel
  • Weight (titanium, standard): 70.4g (2.48oz)
  • Made in Australia by Lumley Arms INC. Made in Australia
Manufacturer Warranty