New product announcement June 10th, 2024

Posted by CORETAC SOLUTIONS INC. on Jun 10th 2024

We are excited to announce the availability of Kinetic Development Group innovative products.

Kinetic Development Group is dedicated to innovating and providing high quality products.

For example their Optics Hub is a lightweight, high strength, super modular housing for your favorite spotting scope. Its design allows you to easily combine all your PRS/ELR accessories to one centralized piece of gear. Laser range finders, mini-red dots, and laser target designators can be co-aligned to match the center focal point of scope. Dope cards, weather stations, side handles, adapters and more can easily be added to quickly and accurately acquire targets or collect data, without breaking your field of view.

The following new products are now in stock under Optic Accessories and Weapon Accessories

Kinetic Development Group Optics Hub

Kinetic Development Group 7-Slot Picatinny QD