MIL-COMM MC2500 Synthetic Oil

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MIL-COMM TW25B Synthetic Lubricants Series

Proven performance in extreme temperatures and on a wide variety of weapon types has earned these synthetic lubricants the approval of the U.S. Military, defense contractors and foreign militaries. The lubricants Provide superior corrosion protection for all firearm metals in all types of environments.

It significantly reduces friction and wear using anti-friction metal treatment (AFMT) technology. This technology deeply penetrates the surface, filling the micropores and bonding to the metal leaving a semi-dry film coating for smooth functioning leading to cooler moving parts which extends the life of metal parts. The coating protects against water, rust & corrosion and is the longest lasting gun lubricant on the market. Live-fire trials and laboratory testing have shown TW25B enables firing of 6 to 10 times more rounds between cleanings while using a fraction of this lubricant compared to other products.

There is no gumming, no slowing down, no freezing, no fumes, low odour. Tested and used by all branches of the U.S. military and major manufacturers worldwide since 1987.

It holds firing reliability in heavily corrosive environments, under heavy load and extreme pressure, in desert sand and dust conditions, in all climates and altitudes. In addition, it has firing reliability in extreme temperature conditions: -56°C to +232°C (-70°F to +450°F) as well.

Application: MC2500 Synthetic Oil is available in pump spray bottle making it the perfect lube for hard-to-reach areas.




Mil-Comm Products Company is a global provider of extreme performance lubricants and cleaners for critical industrial, military and consumer applications.

They engineer, manufacture and market specialty formulations designed to work in the harshest operating environments and on critical parts under stress.

Their unique chemical engineering, product development processes and testing have created best-of-breed, superior-performing products built with proprietary technology and custom-engineered base materials.

Mil-Comm is a leading supplier of extreme performance lubricants to the U.S. Military and to U.S. allied forces worldwide. They also serve a rapidly growing, global customer base of manufacturers, industrial facilities and consumers.

Product Features:
  • Material: Synthetic Oil
  • Size: 59m (2 oz.) Pump Spray
  • Made in USA by MIL-COMM Made in USA
Manufacturer Warranty