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MDT Metal .308-6.5C 12R AICS Magazine

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MDT AICS-pattern metal magazines are manufactured from high strength steel and nitride-finished for ultimate durability. The short action magazines are offered for .308W/6.5C family cartridges.

MDT magazines are designed as a Double Stack Single Feed (DSSF) pattern for reduced overall height compared to the industry standard.

MDT magazines are available with or without the front binder plate. See details below for benefits and limitations of each version.

MDT AICS-pattern metal magazines are manufactured from high strength steel, nitrided, and finished inside and outside with Cerakote for ultimate durability, corrosion resistance, and friction reduction.

12 Round .308 Magazine specification:

  • 3.055” Outside Length
  • 2.870” max cartridge overall length (COAL) with binder plate
  • 2.960” max cartridge overall length (COAL) without binder plate (see limitations below)
  • 4.61” Rear Height

Compatible Calibers in .308 magazines:

  • 308WIN
  • 6mm Creedmoor
  • 243WIN
  • 6mm XC
  • 6x47 Lapua
  • 6.5x47 Lapua
  • 260 Rem
  • 6.5 Creedmoor
  • 7mm-08 Win
  • 308/7.62x51 NATO
  • 22 - 250 Rem (will work at a reduced capacity)

Important Tech Note:

The 12-round magazines are shorter in height than standard AICS 12-round magazines due to the Double Stack Single Feed (DSSF) design, allowing easier mag changes when shooting prone.

The 10-round magazine includes 2 internal ribs that help reduce friction between the cartridge and magazine body and provide a smooth transition from a double stack to single feed at the top of the magazine.

These magazines will need to be slightly modified to function with Howa 1500 SA rifles.

Binder Plate Details:

The magazines with front binder plates are compatible with all rifles equipped with AICS-pattern bottom metal or chassis systems. The binder plate holds the cartridges back from the front of the magazines and guides them past the bottom of the feed ramp. The maximum cartridge overall length (COAL) that will fit in this magazine is 2.870”.

MDT Metal Magazine with Binder Plate

The magazines without front binder plates allow a maximum cartridge overall length of 2.960”. These are compatible with all AICS-pattern bottom metal and chassis systems, but most common actions such as Remington 700 and Savage 10/11 will require modifications to the receiver (i.e. notching out the bottom of the feed ramp) to prevent the bullet tips from catching on the bottom of the feed ramp (see photo below). Please DO NOT order these magazines without a full understanding of this.

MDT Metal Magazine with No Binder Plage

Product Features:
  • Material: High strength Steel
  • Finish: Nitrided and Cerakoted
  • Action Type: Bolt Action Short Action
  • Capacity: 12-Round
  • Weight: 250g
  • Made in Canada by MDT CORP.
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