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IBI Rimfire Drop-In Tikka T1x Barrels

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IBI barrels are made from the best rifle grade steel available. They are honed, hand lapped and double stress relieved during the barrel making process. IBI takes great care during the buttoning process to make sure their end product exceeds the standards of the world's top shooters.

All IBI rimfire barrels are cut from the best 416R stainless steel. They are all honed to .0001″ from end to en and as with all their barrels hand lapped and double stress relieved. IBI .22LR barrel bore dimensions were specifically chosen to shoot well over a wide variety of temperatures encountered in the Canadian climate.

These barrels require NO gunsmithing! and can be dropped-in.

What is Shnooble Rimfire Contour?

The idea came from Olympic rifles and Olympic Rimfire rifle shooters who demanded the utmost accuracy.

Through careful measurement and testing, it was determined that barrels with straight contour or too much material removed at the muzzle may not deliver optimal accuracy. The reason is that the end of the barrel can bell out slightly (like a trombone) affecting the accuracy and consistency. This is particularly true with Rimfire caliber barrels, due to lead projectiles and large number of rounds being pushed through the barrel.

To mitigate this in Rimfire barrels, IBI left the area closer to the muzzle larger than the rest of the barrel diameter.

Product Features:
  • Tikka T1x drop-in fit
  • Honed
  • Hand Lapped
  • Double Stress Relieved
  • Material: Stainless Steel 416R
  • Made in Canada by IBI Internation Barrels INC. Made in Canada
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