Versa CoreFlat™ Sniper Bean Bag

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The Versa CoreFlat™ large flat sniper bean bag is a flexible rifle and barricade rest. It is simple in design, yet very versatile in use. It can be placed under the rear stock, front forearm of the rifle or shooting hand to produce more accurate shots by eliminating body pulse and providing additional support.

Due to its rectangular shape, rounded corners and fill ratio, the Versa CoreFlat™ sniper bean bag can be used in any direction. This enables the shooters to flip the bag depending on how much elevation is needed. The CoreFlat™ round corner design forms a nice saddle for the rear of the stock to ride in.

The Versa CoreFlat™ is made from water resistant 1000 Denier Cordura and is filled with a non-toxic, non-perishable polymer that provides the stabilizing quality of sand without the weight. It has one strap at the middle which allows for field carrying, attachment to equipment, shot stabilization, and adjustment for elevation. All seams are double stitched and the ends are box stitched for added strength.

Our new release of the Versa CoreFlat™ incorporates two additional tabs one on each side of the middle strap. These tabs provide the user with flexibility of attaching the bag to the forearm of the rifle using various buckles, hooks, clips and webbing or shock cord. In addition, the new Versa CoreFlat™ includes a corner carrying tab. This allows the user to attach the bean bag using carabiner and/or push button swivels with webbing to their equipment such as the rifle stock, backpack or belt.

Versa CoreFlat™ Sniper Bean Bag - Primary usage:

  • Barricade rest
  • Front forearm rest

Versa CoreFlat™ Sniper Bean Bag - Secondary Usage:

  • Rear rest
    • Horizontal (Width or Length)
    • Vertical (for additional elevation)
  • Shooting hand rest (F-Class and tactical applications)


History of our CoreBean™ Sniper Bean Bags:

Back in 2007, during Canada’s major engagement in Afghanistan we started designing and producing the CoreBean™ family of Sniper Bean Bags based on the Canadian Armed Forces demand.
Made in Canada
In the last few years since then, we have grown our sniper bean bag product line from the initial offering of only two sizes (regular and large) to many different shapes and sizes. Over the years, many companies have tried to copy our designs; however, very few have been able to match our quality, attention to detail and design innovations. We continue our commitment to quality by using 100% Mil-Spec Canadian and US made materials including the fabric, webbing, threads, premium non-toxic polymer filling and labels. Our sniper bean bags are manufactured in Canada using automated CNC equipment applying the highest industry standards.

Today, our CoreFlat™ sniper bean bags are in operational use in various Special Ops, Military units and Law Enforcement departments both in Canada and internationally. They are also very popular with Hunting and Sporting communities and can be seen in use at various Long-Range, PRS and Precision competitions.

The CTS CoreBean™ Lanyard System is now available in order to attach your shooting bags to your rifle stock/chassis using various QD attachments. It can also be modified to accommodate other types of attachment devices such as Carabiner, Sling Swivel and HK Hooks to connect the shooting bag to rifle stocks, belts, backpacks and other equipment. The CTS CoreBean™ Lanyard System is sold separately.
CTS CoreBean™ Lanyard System

The CTS CoreBean™ Webbing System is now available allowing you to attach your shooting bags to your rifle forend. This provides a stable platform during shooting from a barricade, tubular objects and hard surfaces. The CTS CoreBean™ Webbing System is sold separately.
CoreBean™ Webbing System

Product Features:
  • 1000 Denier Cordura (water resistant)
  • Premium Non-toxic polymer filling
  • One strap at the middle
  • Two tabs, one on each side of the middle strap
  • One corner carrying tab
  • Size: 8.5L x 6.0W
  • Weight: approximately 725g
  • Made in Canada by CORETAC SOLUTIONS INC. Made in Canada
Manufacturer Warranty