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  TT525P 5-25x56mm    
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Tangent Ř Theta TT525P

5-25x56mm Tactical Long Range

Product Description
Tangent Theta TT525P Ocular View
The Tangent Theta TT525P is a purpose built tactical riflescope designed to withstand harsh use in adverse conditions in order to accomplish the mission. The TT525P is the latest product from Tangent Theta that offers the long range shooter unfailing ruggedness, mechanical precision and unsurpassed image quality.

Through the use of high quality glass and lens coating, the TT525P provides exceptional image quality and light transmission as well as providing innovative features such as the Tangent Theta Tool-Less Re-zeroing System, Articulating Lens Covers, and Integrated Parallax and Illumination Knob. The large internal adjustment range allows the scope to be effectively used on a wide variety of platforms while the 0.1 mrad clicks makes trajectory corrections a snap when used in combination with Tangent Theta (Horus Vision H59, Gen 3 XR or Gen 2 XR) or with MOA models 1/4 MOA per click ( MOA Calibrated Reticle).

The Tool-Less Re-zeroing System eliminates the need for wrenches and other tools, truly a tool-less system to re-zero the elevation and windage knobs.

TheTenebraex Articulating Lens Covers can be rotated 360° and set to open according to the user's preferences, flipped back 270° to reduce the profile of the scope and improve visibility of the knobs while in a shooting position. Tangent Theta TT525P Features

The Integrated Illumination/Parallax Adjustment provides more ring mounting space. The pull out illumination knob has 11 intensity settings with a power-down between each numbered setting and a six-hour auto shut off.

28 mrad Double Turn knobs are standard on the Tangent Theta TT525P; 5-25X56 and provide 0.1 mrad click per hash mark, as well as the MTC (more tactile click) option. The double turn knob also features a revolution indicator that provides the operator a visual and tactile reference of location in the travel range. The revolution indicator automatically extends when transitioning into the second revolution.

Tangent Theta tactical scopes are built in Canada and are specifically designed and function-tested for long lifecycles in the harshest of environmental conditions. The company has assembled a highly experienced development team consisting of optical designers, mechanical designers, engineers and international-class long range marksmen. The end result is a series of superior scopes that are beyond reproach in all aspects of design, utility, and service performance.

Tangent Theta TT525P Side View 

Tangent Ř Theta 5-25x56mm Spec Sheet ...
What is Mil and how to transition
[Video] Sneak Peak Of Tangent Theta Scope ...

Product Features
Tangent Theta TT525P Top View
  1. 56mm objective lens
  2. 34mm main tube
  3. Eleven reticle illumination settings
  4. Side parallax adjustment
  5. Tool-less re-zero feature (patent pending)
  6. Non-translating knobs with elevation zero-stop
  7. Double-turn elevation with rev indicator
  8. 5-25x magnification range
  9. Lockable rapid adjusting diopter Horus Vision H59 Reticle  Gen 3 XR Reticle  Gen 3 XR Reticle  MOA ER Reticle
    Magnification 5x-25x
    Length 425mm
    Width 103mm
    Height 86mm
    Weight 1150g
    Tube diameter 34mm
    Objective bell diameter 65mm
    Objective lens diameter 56mm nominal
    Eyepiece diameter 45mm
    Reticle options Gen 3XR, Gen 2XR, MoA
    Field of View @ 5x 4.3 degrees (7.6m @ 100m)
    Field of View @ 25x 0.9 degrees (1.6m @ 100m)
    Diopter range -3 to +2.5
    Eye relief 90mm
    Exit pupil @ 5x 11mm
    Exit pupil @ 25x 2.3mm
    Re-zero mechanism tool-less re-zero (patent pending)
    Total Adjustment Range  
    Elevation 30 mrad (103 MoA)
    Windage +/- 10 mrad (+/- 34 MoA)
    Working Adjustment Range  
    Elevation 28 mrad (96 MoA )
    Windage +/- 6 mrad (+/- 20 MoA)
    Adjustment resolution 0.1 mrad or 1/4 MoA
    Parallax adjustment range 50m to infinity
    Crosshair illumination LED, 11 settings
    Battery type DL2032 3v lithium
    Exterior finish Type II Anodized, matte
    Waterproof: 4 hours @ 10 meters
    Shockproof: 700g’s @ 10,000 cycles
    Standard accessories: Tenebraex® lens covers & ARD
Purchase Options
Shipping: In Stock items ship in 10-12 days (Gen 2 XR and MOA ER Reticles)
Shipping: Gen 3 XR Reticle --> 4 months from placing order
Shipping: Horus H59 Reticle --> 5 months from placing order
Price: See options below

Price based on Reticle and Elevation Adjustment Options:

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Company Information

P.O. Box 48081
Dundas Sheppard
Mississauga, Ontario
L5A 4G8
(647) 204-7209
Email: info@coretacsolutions.com

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