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TAB GEAR Rifle Covers

(Class I and Class II

Product Description
TAB GEAR Rifle Cover
The TAB GEAR Rifle Cover is a purpose build sniper rifle cover to allow the operator to protect the rifle while carrying in the field or in static position.

Whether you are carrying your rifle in the field or it's sitting on the line with the bipod deployed, your equipment will be protected against dirt, mud, grass, dust, water, or sunlight. In addition, the Scope and rifle muzzle areas are fully protected with closed cell foam padding.

Available Models:

Class I:
This class fits sporter style stocks, hunting rifles without boxed magazines and rifles such as Tikka T3, Savage Arms, McMillan HTG(M40A1), Win. HBV, Remington 700 SPS, Remington 700 PSS, FN SPR, etc. to an OAL of 46" and scopes to 24" in length.

Class II:
This is a custom length TAB GEAR rifle cover custom made for CORETAC SOLUTIONS to accommodate customer rifles with muzzle brake. This class fits sniper rifles with boxed magazines and rifles such as the Accuracy International, M25, McMillan A-Series, Blaser Tac and Sako TRG stocks to an OAL of 48" and scopes to 24" in length.

Advantages of TAB GEAR Rifle Cover:
  • Heavy Duty Mil-Spec material and construction
  • Light weight and compact
  • Provides protection against elements
  • Covers the rifle with sling and bipod installed

Over the years, TAB GEAR has built a reputation for producing premium quality sniper gear for military, law enforcement, and civilian shooters. Almost all of the supplies used in their products are made in the USA. TAB GEAR offers lifetime guarantees on everything they make, and ultimately the customer determines the life of a product.

Product Features

  • Made from 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon
  • Webbing is all 1" Milspec
  • Carry handle for convenient transport of rifle
  • Scope and muzzle areas protected with closed cell foam padding
  • Heavy duty Milspec D-rings for attaching rifle cover to pack
  • ITW Fastex buckles for easy access
  • Rifle slings still available for normal carry
  • Bipod legs can be fully enclosed for carry or left out for rapid deployment
  • Compact size when folded, fits into BDU cargo pocket
  • Weighs less than 19 ounces
  • Keeps rifle protected and cooler in the sun
  • Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in USA by TAB GEAR LLC.
Purchase Options

TAB GEAR Rifle Cover

Class: Class I

Shipping: 1-2 days
Price: $215.00 CDN


Class: Class II

Shipping: 1-2 days
Price: $225.00 CDN



Proud sponsor of the
Mammoth Sniper Challenge

Proud sponsor of the
Argyll Cup Sniper Challenge

Proud sponsor of the
Alberta Long Range Rally Shoot

Proud sponsor of the
Police Marksmanship Challenge

Proud “Recruit” sponsor of the Canadian Forces Small Arms Competitions Awards Program

Company Information

P.O. Box 48081
Dundas Sheppard
Mississauga, Ontario
L5A 4G8
(647) 204-7209
Email: info@coretacsolutions.com

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