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Accuracy 1st Whiz Wheel
Custom Ballistic Solver (Single Solver Pack)

Product Description
Accuracy 1st Whiz Wheel
The Accuracy 1st Whiz Wheel is a ballistics calculator designed to back-up, or replace an electronic PDA. Used properly, the whiz wheel provides 0.1 MIL, or 0.25 MOA resolution for elevation and windage corrections out to the transonic range for any given bullet/rifle combination. The whiz wheel uses a generic sleeve in which you can place various wheels corresponding to different rifles, bullets, and muzzle velocities for both MILS/Meters, and MOA/Yards units.

The whiz wheel is able to account for the effects of density altitude (which covers any temperature and pressure combination), range, both wind and moving targets of any speed from any direction, spin drift, and uphill/downhill shooting. The whiz wheel also has the ability to be calibrated or trued to a given weapon system based on observed POI (either Muzzle Velocity (MV) or Ballistic Coefficient (BC) can be trued).

Whiz Wheel Ballistic Solver Full Instruction Document
Whiz Wheel Ballistic Solver Ordering Requirement Document

History on Accuracy 1st Development Group

Accuracy 1st provides superior sniper training/techniques to the highest levels of Military snipers. Todd Hodnett, President of Accuracy 1st, is considered one of the most respected and sought-after instructors in the world. With 20 years of experience under his belt, Todd has traveled the world training soldiers in the art of precision shooting. His determination, knowledge and vision has provided guidance for products that improve the accuracy and function of the sniper.

Product Features

  • Density Altitude
  • Range
  • Wind & Moving Targets (of any speed, from any direction)
  • Spin Drift
  • Uphill/Downhill Shooting
  • Solver Material: Impact Resistant Polymer
  • Weight: 20 Grams
Purchase Options

Accuracy 1st Whiz Wheel Order Form


Whiz Wheel Order Information Form:

Accuracy 1st Whiz Wheel
Custom Configured Munitions Single Solver Pack


Accuracy 1st Whiz Wheel Single Solver Pack

The Accuracy 1st Whiz Wheel Ballistic Solver pack is designed as the ultimate customization package for your weapon platform. Accuracy 1st DG is the only ballistic nomograph/calculator designed specifically for the only YOU! With customization of your weapon's muzzle velocity, scope height and your favorite ammunition - what more can you ask for? The Whiz Wheel is designed by expert shooters and a ballistician to make solutions easy - from the expert sniper to the novice shooter. This package provides versatility for multiple muzzle velocities, varying scope heights, numerous bullets and grain weights.

Product Includes:
  • (1) Solver Sleeve
  • (1) Standard Solver Wheel
  • (2) Fastening Hardware Sets
  • (1) Instruction Manual
Shipping: Custom product ships in 3-4 weeks
Price: $99.00 CDN


Proud sponsor of the
Mammoth Sniper Challenge

Proud sponsor of the
Argyll Cup Sniper Challenge

Proud sponsor of the
Alberta Long Range Rally Shoot

Proud sponsor of the
Police Marksmanship Challenge

Proud “Recruit” sponsor of the Canadian Forces Small Arms Competitions Awards Program

Company Information

P.O. Box 48081
Dundas Sheppard
Mississauga, Ontario
L5A 4G8
(647) 204-7209
Email: info@coretacsolutions.com

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