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Product Description

Precision Fire from Seaborne Platforms
by Fredrik C. Jonsson; foreword by Maj. John L. Plaster, USA (Ret.)

For the professional sniper, engaging a target on the high seas is one of the most challenging assignments of all. Erratic movement introduced by waves, vessel speeds, and engine vibrations; short, sudden windows of opportunity; and a host of unique environmental factors make the shot that much more demanding for even experienced marksmen.

Now, master sniper Fredrik Jonsson has written what is destined to become the classic manual on precision fire from seaborne platforms. Jonsson combines his vast experience in sniping deployment and instruction, specialized operations in troubled waters around the world, and competitive shooting to instruct dozens of specialized skills, including:
  • timing shots for wave harmonics
  • firing from one moving vessel at targets on another moving vessel
  • firing through shipboard glass
  • determining range and reading the wind in the tricky ocean arena
  • establishing a suitable shooting platform on a vessel at speed
  • conducting sniper-specific training at sea
  • maintaining weapons and optics in the harsh saltwater environment
The maritime sniper plays a vital role in combating piracy, providing cover for vessel- and GOPLAT-boarding teams, protecting high-value vessels, and many other missions. To hope that the sea will be calm the day you will have to take that crucial shot is simply not an option.

Fredrik Jonsson is a Swedish Marine, a master sniper and the founder of a unique maritime sniper program. He has served with many units, including sniper teams and such elite units as the Maritime Commandos (Force Recon) and VBSS/Maritime Interdiction and Security Team of the Swedish Marine Corps. He has participated in a number of missions in different parts of the world, including service as a sniper, sniper team leader and sniper coordinator during VBSS operations in the waters of Somalia.

Major John L. Plaster served three tours in the top-secret unconventional warfare group, Studies and Observations Group, in Vietnam. As a long-range reconnaissance leader, he led tiny intelligence-gathering teams behind enemy lines in Laos and Cambodia before leaving SOG in late 1971. He was decorated for heroism four times and retired from the U.S. Army as a major.

"This manual is a necessity for any unit attempting to combat piracy or undertake any maritime operation." –Chief Chris Kyle, former Navy SEAL sniper/instructor

"I strongly recommend adding this book to your training resources." –Sgt. Major Mark Spicer, retired British Army sniper instructor

Product Features
  • Paladin Press
  • Softcover
  • 978-1-58160-740-6
  • 218 pages
  • 8.5" x 11"
  • Photos, illustrations
Product Contents
  • Forward by Maj. John L. Plaster, USA (Ret)
  • Introduction
  • History
  • Purpose
  • Organization
  • Environmental Frictions
    • Wind
    • Vessel Stability and Waves
    • Air Humidity
    • Barometric Pressure
    • Temperature
    • Spin Drift
    • Engine Vibrations
    • Speed
    • Angle
  • Platforms
    • Small Vessels
    • Medium Vessels
    • Large Vessels
    • Other Vessels
  • Shooting Positions
    • Shooting Positions Considerations
    • Shooting Positions Checklist
  • Sniper Weapons and Scopes
  • Spotter Weapons and Sights
  • Night-Vision Aids
  • Optics
    • General Optics Considerations
    • Optics Maintenance
    • Parallax
  • Additional Equipment
    • General Guidelines
    • Items Checklist
  • Camouflage and Concealment
    • Hides
    • Stealth Insertions
    • Tracks
  • Communications
    • Communications Plan
  • Observation Techniques
    • Points of Interest
    • Methods
    • Other Observation Considerations
  • Range Determination
  • Target Designation
    • Ship Identification
    • Identifying Targets Aboard a Vessel
    • Sniper Pair Routines
  • Firing Procedure
    • Breathing
    • Trigger Manipulation
    • After the Shot
    • Firing Procedure Checklist
    • Group/Shot Analysis Guide
  • Shot Placement and Target Priority
    • Way to Incapacitate a Vessel
    • Way to Incapacitate a Human Target
    • Target Priorities
    • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Planning and Preparations
    • The 5 Ws
    • General Information
    • Coordinating Factors
    • Operation Overview
    • Sniper Coordinator Checklists
    • Deployment Sequence of Events
    • Practice Emergency Drills
    • Sniper Team Pre-Mission Preparations
    • Team Order
    • Flow Chart/Checklist: Standard Boarding Operation
  • Maritime Sniper Tasks
    • Support for VBSS/HVBSS Operations
    • Support for Amphibious Landings and Operations Ashore
    • Support an Ongoing Operation Aboard the Target Vessel
    • Provide on-Board Operation of High-Value Units Vessels from Attacks and Boarding Attempts
    • Maritime Countersniper/Overwatch Operations
  • Casualty Care
    • Stages of Care
    • Triage and casualty Evacuation
    • Training and Equipment
    • Casevac Plan
  • Training
    • Training Blocks
    • Planning and Execution
    • Targets for Training
    • Risk Area
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix
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