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Product Description

Your hands, wrists, and forearm are at the heart of handgun control. Grip strength is the very foundation of accuracy and weapon retention and is therefore the essence of success and survival.

Excellent conditioning of the hand makes a critical difference in your success with a handgun. Optimum strength, dexterity, & endurance all contribute significantly to your ability to hit the target consistently over time.

The GRIPPRO is prohands most advanced hand exerciser. It's ideal for professional athletes and individuals seeking maximum performance. The PRO expands on the ingenious design of GRIPMASTER providing serious athletes with the most advanced technical hand exerciser in the world. The GRIPPRO features a larger profile, superior steel springs that resist wear and an integrated ergonomic palm bar.

The primary reason law enforcements candidates fail to qualify on weapons is lack of strength and endurance in the hand, wrist, and forearm. During the course of firing several hundred shots for qualification, fatigue sets in quickly and degrades performance. For this reason, top training academies including the FBI, FBI Swat, and ATF all recommend that trainees condition their hands with Prohands before arriving at the academy.

Grip strength not only contributes to accuracy as fatigue sets in, it is also critical in weapon retention. During any type of confrontation, the primary rule of survival during engagement is to hold onto your weapon.

The patented Prohands is the only hand exerciser available today which enables you to isolate and develop each finger individually. And because each finger is operated by a completely separate system of muscles & tendons in the hand, wrist, & forearm, the only way to achieve optimum conditioning of the hand is with Prohands.

Develop and condition your forearms, wrists, hands, and fingers with the amazing Prohands. It will become an integral part of your conditioning.

Why we chose Prohands
Hand Exercise Program

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Product Features
  • Designed for professional athletes and individuals with larger hands seeking maximum performance
  • Dramatically increase hand, wrist, and forearm strength
  • Integrated ergonomic palm bar
  • Available in multiple color coded tension strength
    • Medium (7 L.B)
    • Heavy (9 L.B)
  • Manufactured by Prohands USA
Purchase Options

Recommended for larger hands with developing trigger finger and weapon retention.

Shipping: Sold Out
Price: $20.00 CDN

Recommended to professionals requiring exceptional grasping power for climbing, defensive tactics or weapon retention.

Shipping: Sold Out
Price: $20.00 CDN


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Company Information

P.O. Box 48081
Dundas Sheppard
Mississauga, Ontario
L5A 4G8
(647) 204-7209
Email: info@coretacsolutions.com

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